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A wedding bouquet created from our unique range of faux flowers & foliage is a keepsake for life, providing everlasting memories. Your bouquet will look beautiful, realistic and stay fresh all day. With year round availability, faux gives you the freedom to choose whatever flowers you like with no limitation. Faux wedding bouquets are light to carry and will travel well for weddings abroad. They make wonderful keepsake gifts for your Bridesmaids. Buttonholes, hair flowers & table centres can also be created from faux flowers and will look fabulous all day too.


We can offer you faux flower designs to purchase or hire making your wedding flower decisions stressfree, cost effective & eco aware. Your design portfolio can include: Bride’s bouquet, bridesmaid’s posies, buttonholes, corsage, hair flowers & gift bouquets, table centres to buy or hire. The planning process involves a visit to the flower studio or a Zoom/Whatsapp virtual visit, where you can view all the faux flowers & foliage, choose the stems you like and indulge in the flower fragrances.

Fragrance Your Wedding Flowers

Visit the studio and choose from a wonderful range of handcrafted fragrances to enhance your wedding flowers. Have your own unique blend of long lasting fragrance created to scent your wedding flowers. Fragrances can all be sampled on a visit to the studio.

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Choosing faux flower designs for your wedding is a sustainable decision, reducing your carbon footprint and resulting in much less waste before and after your day. Faux flowers are not a one time purchase, they last, can be reused and you can buy or hire them from us. We are very focused on being as eco-minded as possible. All our wrapping, boxes & labels are fully recyclable.

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