Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your faux flowers & foliage made?

Our faux flowers & foliage are made from a range of silk, cotton, rayon and latex with recycled wire and plastic stems made in Holland & Sussex.

How are they made?

They are handcrafted and created by master craftspeople who carefully carve the flower or foliage shape, taking inspiration from a fresh flower that is carefully and intrinsically examined. It is a true skill and takes a lot of time to get it just right.

Are faux flowers eco-friendly?

Reusability is an important factor in living sustainably, and faux flowers & foliage are a clear winner in this category. The longer you enjoy your artificial arrangements, the more positive impact they will have on your well-being and the reduction of your carbon footprint.

How natural are your fragrances?

Our fragrances are hand blended and created by Melanie at our flower studio in Hampshire. Each fragrance is made using the most natural methods possible ensuring they are all Vegan, Cruelty Free, Alcohol Free, PEG Free, Paraben & Pthlalate Free.

Can I visit your studio and where are you?

Yes the flower studio is open by appointment to visit where you can view a large range of faux flowers & foliage all priced by the stem. You can have a design made up for your home, gift bouquets or vases and discuss your wedding or event requirements. We are based in Greatham, Hampshire.

Do you deliver locally and nationwide?

Yes, we deliver both locally and nationwide. Please see our delivery page for costs.

Can you supply a vase or container?

Yes we have a range of containers and vases available to purchase or hire. Every one that we use has had a life before it, many being used for quite a lot of weddings, so each container has a story to it and is in keeping with our reusable ethos.

Can I hire all my wedding & event flowers from you?

You can hire all your wedding & event flowers & decoration from us which is very eco friendly, as there is no waste and we reuse everything. We create wedding bouquets and buttonholes to purchase only, so you can keep your wedding bouquet forever.

How eco friendly are you?

Everything we do at Heavenly Scent is focused on sustainability and reusability. All our packaging is biodegradable and compostable, even the cellophane is made from potatoes and wood pulp! All our containers and vases have a story and history to them and we reuse them for weddings/events or sell them on to be gifted. Every flower & foliage used to create gifts or rental are designed to be reused and for longevity. Our hiring service is completely focused on reusing and reducing carbon footprint for events, no waste at all with hirings.

How realistic are your faux flowers & foliage?

All our flowers & foliage are sourced to resemble the real deal! Only luxury and true to nature blooms are allowed in. It has taken years of resourcing to find only the best artificial flowers & greenery. Our customers often say ‘I can’t believe they aren’t real!’ Come and visit and see for yourself.

How do I look after my faux flower creations?

Artificial flower & greenery creations are really easy to look after and virtually maintenance free. It is best to try and keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight as over time this will make the colours fade. To clean your flowers, take a hairdryer on a cool setting and just blow over the flowers to clear the dust, best done by an open window or door if possible. For latex flowers, they can be wiped with a microfibre cloth.

Can I cut the stems or bend them?

All our flowers & foliage come in different stem lengths and bespoke bouquets are designed to go straight into a vase with no need for cutting. Alternatively if you are purchasing by the stem for your own styling and want to cut the stems you will need some good wire cutters as some of the stems can be tricky to cut. An easy way to arrange your flowers and foliage is to bend the stems and this way you make a really sturdy cage of stems for the flowers & greenery to be arranged in. This is best done in a container that is not see through. This way you can keep reusing them as the stems will just bend back to being straight and no need for cutting.