Flower Rentals

The hassle free, convenient and sustainable solution to your business & entertainment premises and beyond..

Faux flower & foliage arrangements hired on an ongoing basis. Arrangements are changed & updated monthly, quarterly or on an agreed timetable. You can also opt for a one off rental, flexible to your needs.


Acorn - £50

Chestnut - £100

Fir Cone - £150

Coconut Bespoke - package

For a monthly fee you will receive a bespoke hand styled arrangement created by Melanie at our Country Workshop. Every arrangement is custom made to order and unique to our customers. Using only the finest faux flowers & foliage accredited by the British Florists Association. 


No worries about wilting flowers, allergies, pollen or dirty vase water - leaving you to concentrate on your job. Our floral arrangements always look immaculate in cold, warm and bright environments. Every variety available all year round, seasonal arrangements a speciality.

A great solution for businesses and busy people.

Doing your bit for the Environment

Choosing faux flowers & foliage displays for your premises is the sustainable choice. We repurpose and recycle all our flowers & foliage which reduces waste and makes your floral investment more cost effective and environmentally friendly. 

Perfect For:





Corporate Events

Retail & Shop Windows

Fashion Shows






Art Galleries

Interior Design


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